310 acres of gallops and paddocks, set in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, make Danebury an outstanding place to train racehorses. 

Across the estate there are a total of 7 grass gallops, including a straight 1-mile gallop which was laid using 150 tonnes of peat over 100 years ago.

Complimenting the grass gallops are 2 all-weather gallops. The first is a 7 furlong sand (with rubber flakes) gallop that surrounds the historic Stockbridge racecourse grandstand located on the estate. The second all-weather is a shavings gallop and runs alongside the original 1-mile straight grass gallop.

Being a dual-purpose training establishment, there are of course schooling facilities for hurdling and chasing. Play pens, horse walkers, treadmills and other equipment ensure that our horses have everything they need to reach peak fitness and wellbeing.